The art of experienced practice.
Acupuncture with Liza...
The science of ancient healing.
Acupuncture, tuina massage, Chinese herbal medicine
Treating the whole person.
One on one care. Therapeutic, restorative, relaxing.

The practice of medicine using the wisdom of nature.

“From ancient times it has been recognized that there is an intimate relationship between the activity and life of human beings and their natural environment.  The root of all life is yin and yang, this includes everything in the universe…”

-The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di


Chinese medicine is a unique comprehensive system of health care with a continuous clinical tradition of over 3,000 years.    


Offering treatments including acupuncture, tuina massage and Chinese herbal medicine consultation and prescription.


In the Hudson Valley in private practice on both sides of the river in Woodstock and Red Hook and in community clinic in Kingston. Also in private practice during monthly visits to Manhattan